Our Mission

Upright Africa strives to empower the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo to build a sustainable future for themselves by sharing practical procedures and techniques with the Congolese medical professionals, as well as provide daily necessities to those without access, all in an effort to build confidence and bring hope for a bright future in DRC.

For centuries the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been ravaged by civil war, strife, disease, slavery and exploitation. Although the DR Congo is widely considered the richest country in the world in mineral and natural resources, its citizens are among the poorest on earth. The Congolese are also at heavy risk for disease and malnutrition. Malaria is the number one killer of children in the DR Congo, accounting for approximately 40% of child deaths. The DR Congo accounts for 11% of all the malaria cases in Africa.

Map of the DR Congo

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John Woods, Founder

With over two decades of experience in modern medicine, specializing in Orthopedic Spine surgery as a First Assist, John Woods has worked with surgeons of the highest caliber in several countries spanning three continents. In addition to assisting in over 11,000 surgeries, John has helped advance his field by pioneering new technology, including a spinal implant, as well as a device used in minimally invasive spine surgery, both patent pending.

After accepting an invitation, on a whim, to be a part of a medical mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2011, life as he knew it would change forever. After seeing the difficulties there first hand, John switched from “medical professional” to “humanitarian”, dedicating his life to the people of the DRC. Today, he lives in DR Congo full-time, working along-side Congolese medical professionals, school leaders and chiefs of villages helping to empower them with education, supplies, and financial support in hopes of regaining a sustainable future in a nation that has been shattered by war and deep rooted corruption.

To contact John directly, email him at uprightafrica1@gmail.com.